Hiveworks Comics


Fife Sparrow

His plan of becoming an expert sword-smith is thrown into disarray when he meets Neitya. He’s often anxious and a bit apprehensive, but his heart is always in the right place.

+: Family, festivals, mountains
: Gore, leading, fire
Star Sign: Cancer
Age: 17


Neitya has a lot of questions about the world and herself. She can be reckless at times, but if it means finding answers she will take those risks.

+: Spring, music, sunrises
: Sleeping, tangled hair, being told what to do
Star Sign: Aquarius
Age: ???

Isolf Orfevre

Besides Fife and Neitya they are the newest member of the Wraiths. They have a hidden talent for medicine and treating injuries. Rumours are they come from some noble lineage in Maidenstone.

+: Desserts, reading, baking
: Finery, parties, cobwebs
Star Sign: Libra
Age: 24

Kidai Gan

He spends most of his time scouting the surrounding area which suits him just fine. A tad abrasive, the only person who agrees to patrol with him is Isolf.

+: Animals, snow, whittling
: Crowds, loud noises, caves
Star Sign: Aries
Age: 19

Magdalena Astrantia

A scholar of the Verse and ancient Magic, she’s a bit eccentric and can get lost in her thoughts. It’s a bit of a mystery on how she came to be part of the Wraiths since she has no military background. But she’s been invaluable in keeping them connected to the city of Maidenstone.

+: Libraries, the occult, stargazing
: Hot weather, small spaces, bugs, 
Star Sign: Virgo
Age: 20

Ophelia Toset

Former Captain of the Essic military. Now she leads the Wraiths, a small group of individuals who believe in protecting all citizens of Essear from the threat of the Vel-- whether the Crown deems them worthy or not.

+: Sparring, clean linen, the sea
: Small talk, surprises, tyrants
Star Sign: Capricorn
Age: 39

Azar Majidi

He served with Ophelia in the military and was with her when she formed the Wraiths. A friend to all, enjoys every opportunity to show off.

+: Flowers, bonfires, wine
: Chores, ships, quiet 
Star Sign: Sagittarius
Age: 32

Branca Vass

The enigmatic leader of the Iron Gate, a cult dedicated to bringing back the Song.

Star Sign: Capricorn
Age: 41