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Posted March 25, 2020 at 11:24 am
Q&A 2020

There's just too many of them!!!

Who was the person with Azar in that flashback of him leaving his old home?
Just a boy. Just someone he had deep feelings for and refuses to talk about except when he has maybe a few drinks, and then proceeds to drink more to forget about all that, it's in the past, isn't it?

How did you choose names/linguistic groups for stuff in Verse?
A lot of the places are randomly generated and then tweaked until it sounds right to me haha. Most character names are loosely based on different regions from the real world like India and Scotland. Some are just random names from a Markov generator. (like Lahel and Ladis!). I never pick names based on meaning; it's all about how it ~reads~.

What are the main characters' favorite/comfort foods?
Neitya - Berries..
Fife - Some kind of lamb/veggie stew
Magdalena - Baked apples with honey
Kidai - Bread (please, there is already a bread question in here)
Isolf - Scrambled eggs and tomatoes
Ophelia - Baked nutmeg custard tart
Azar - Is wine a comfort food? Wine.

What book would Fife recommend to Neitya?
Fife isn't a big reader; he would want to share something special to him. So maybe a book of jewellery designs his mom passed down to him and probably kept with him on his travels.

Can deaf people use the Verse?
This is such a good question, and I can't begin to answer it without first addressing my lack of insight and failure to consider this when I thought of the system of Magic and the language I used to describe it in the comic. I can only apologize and do better in the future. I've thought about this question for a while and have two answers/thoughts around it:

The "Verse" used by characters is different from the Magic Neitya/Lahel use later on. The Verse is a series of glyphs that must be written out and spoken to work. If a character can do that they can use the Verse. It's not accessible to everyone and is an imperfect way of accessing Magic.

Now, Magic (or the Song as it's referred to by certain characters) is a lot more loosely defined and manifests differently to individuals. I think characters that can hear, hear something, and would then use Magic in a way that's familiar to them. A deaf character would interpret Magic differently, but it would still be accessible to them, and how they will it into the world would be different from a hearing person.

Dear Kidai, what are your favorite breads?
Kidai will eat any bread, but his favourite is any Isolf makes for him...

If it's not a secret/big spoiler could you tell a little about the relationship of Azar/Ophelia? Does Ophelia know Azar has feelings but is just awkward or is it something else keeping them from confessing?
It's not a secret I've drawn them younger and talked about it a bit! They were in uh…a romantic relationship when they both served in the Essic military out of Maidenstone. Becoming deserters and going out to live in the woods was stressful, so they agreed to end things "mutually" and focus on helping villages fight off the Vel and also manage their little rag-tag group. Anyway, now, every scene is filled with a lot of weird tension.

What are each of the main cast's favourite flowers?
For characters who care about flowers:
Fife - Forget-me-nots
Magdalena - Marigold
Azar - Amaryllis
Lahel - Tiger Iris